(Head over to Instagram to see how I managed to unscramble myself)

Remember those old sliding puzzles you used to play with as a kid? I was feeling super nostalgic this week and decided to build one of my own. I’d never given much thought to how those adorable animals felt when their limbs became a jumbled mess; though strangely it seems like they’re usually still smiling. Kudos to them, because I had a *minor* panic attack. These puzzles are all fun and games until you get stuck inside. I wasn’t about to lose more body parts this week after just being reunited with my limbs. For some added suspense fun, check out my scramble to unscramble myself over on Instagram, and I’ll be back next week with more adventures.

Wearing: Off-the-shoulder top (similar here), pink skirt (similar here), gold heels (similar here)

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