Quay-ping My Eyes On You

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Today’s post features two of my favorite sunglasses from Quay Australia (pronounced ‘key’) and my new friendly cartoon-eyed companion (open to name suggestions) with a killer winged liner game. Giant frames and mirrored lenses are a winning combination for me when it comes to sunglasses because it gives me the freedom to creep on people in public transit, on the streets, at IKEA (or rather, I-QUAY-A 😂), etc. What else am I going to do while shopping for potential Halloween costumes?

What I’m wearing:
Pink: Quay ‘Paradiso’ sunglasses, Zara top (similar here), Zara shorts (similar here), Kenneth Cole mules, ASOS necktie (similar here)
Blue: Quay ‘Sorority Princess’ sunglasses, DIY top (similar here), American Apparel skirt (similar here), white booties (similar here and here).

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