How to Make Guacamole

Step 1: Become an avocado

Just kidding, this is not actually a recipe for guacamole, nor am I a proponent of cannibalism. Admittedly, I was pretty amused when I woke up today to find a free avocado sitting on my shoulders (hey, these things are expensive at the grocery store), but after further consideration I decided that turning my head into toast was not the best way to start the morning. Besides, how are you supposed to eat when you no longer have a mouth? Time to go see if my newly found magical abilities can undo this.

Side note: If you are actually looking to make some guac, this recipe from Serious Eats is my favorite, just please go find yourself another set of ingredients.

Avocado: Bardot top (different color here), skirt (similar here), heels (similar here)
Lime: Modcloth dress (similar here), heels (similar here)
Jalapeno: Modcloth dress (similar here)
Onion: Esprit shirt dress (similar here), heels (similar here)

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