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Can I Wear… A whale measuring cup from Anthropologie
Absolutely! This makes a great addition to any cocktail party outfit and will surely make you stand out amongst the crowd. Just be careful when sitting down as the tail is pretty unforgiving and may crack under too much pressure. Actually, you should probably just stay standing the entire time you don this skirt.

Can I Wear… A clay dish from pottery class
I don’t see why not! Wear it straight on top of your head, or shifted to the side as shown here. This hat can provide some extra storage for all of your belongings in case your purse is too full, all while making you look like a glamorous monarch. Functional and fashionable.

Can I Wear… A crumpled tissue
Not for everyone, but incredibly striking when done well. The best part? No ironing required. Just make sure to not buy used on this one.

Can I Wear… Bowtie pasta
Of course! With a name like ‘bowtie pasta’, it’s practically begging to be featured in your next outfit. Wear it around your neck to dress up any outfit, or on your head for a fun edible accessory. Pro tip: uncooked bowties tend to hold their form better for those long nights of partying.

Today I’m launching a new series on Michelle X Pan inspired by All That Is She’s #objectsforoutfits project. I call it: Can I Wear This? (hint: the answer is always yes), and today we are kicking it off with the kitchen edition. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen some of these released earlier this week (if not, stop everything now and go follow along on Instagram).

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